Capricorn Facts!

#Capricorn = cold & mysterious on the outside but on the inside a Capricorn is warm & mushy & beyond caring..

#Capricorns hate feeling smothered..

#Capricorn can be your bestfriend or your worst nightmare, but it is totally up to you..

When in love, a #Capricorn will love whole-heartedly even though we may not necessarily show your feelings..

Once a #Capricorns mind is made up, it’s made up, there’s more than likely no back and fourth..

It will take time to get close to a #Capricorn, but it’s always worth the wait..

Trying to attract a #Capricorn? Start off on a intellectual level the physical will follow..

#Capricorns are not the type to go looking for things, they just seem to naturally come to us..

#Capricorns are very stubborn and are not always nice when things don’t go our way..

It is kinda hard to fully understand the emotions a #Capricorn goes thru b.c we rarely show emotions, unless mad about something..

If a #Capricorn is not interested, you will definitely get the hint.

#Capricorns always try to give their best so naturally we expect the same thing in return..

#Capricorns dedication is beyond amazing..

#Capricorns are serious and reserved by nature, but that doesn’t mean we don’t break out from time to time..

#Capricorns often times put very high expectations on everything..

Once committed to someone a #Capricorn could very well be your end all be all..

#Capricorn hates showing weakness and feeling vulnerable..

A little attention is always nice but normally #Capricorns would perfer not to have all eyes on them..

#Capricorns most important need is security..

#Capricorns believe in quality not quantity!

Although a #Capricorns could very well be the nicest person you’ve met, we also run on a short fuze..

#Capricorn sets very high standards for themselves..

#Capricorns are very dependable and very responsible..

#Capricorns have a very silly sense of humor that most people don’t expect..

#Capricorn usually appears calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but that’s definitely not the case..

#Capricorns can be extremely stubborn at times..

#Capricorns judge people by their character..

If a #Capricorn does not like someone, we will not comment or talk about them but we will completely ignore them..

#Capricorns have a great sense of pride & it is not easy to forgive you once you have crossed us..

#Capricorns deep inside are romantic and loving but it takes the right person to expose this..

#Capricorns feelings can be easily hurt & we will respond quickly & bluntly cruel. Choose your words wisely..

#Capricorns generally have big hearts, but usually have hard times letting people get to know them..

You will NEVER completely understand a #Capricorn..

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